8 Things Not to Miss at Québec City’s Grand Marché

Québec City's Public Market
Lorraine Richard Nolin

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Located minutes from the city centre, the Grand Marché is a food lover’s paradise, a place where a hundred or so farmers and artisans serve up quality products made with love. Changing with the seasons and the endless variety they bring, each of these stalls has a special place in my heart and is open the whole year through.

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    Le Pied Bleu

    Le Pied Bleu, an offshoot of the Saint-Sauveur restaurant of the same name, is a charcuterie shop that’s been wooing Quebecers one bite at a time. Using a “nose-to-tail” approach, the Pied Bleu team turns out phenomenal dry and cooked pork saucisson, pâté en croûte, European-style terrines, and other premium products, like the boudins that have earned them numerous awards from the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Boudin Tasting, a.k.a. the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Goûte-Boudin, in Mortagne-au-Perche, Normandy.

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    Laiterie Charlevoix

    Taste the fertile and abundant Charlevoix terroir with products beloved from coast to coast. Made with the milk of three herds of Canadienne cattle—an endangered breed of heritage dairy cows found only in Québec—Laiterie Charlevoix’s 1608 cheese is a favourite among many of Canada’s most celebrated chefs. Like them, you’re sure to fall in love with the unmistakably rich and creamy flavour of 1608.

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    SNO Microbrasserie Nordik

    With premises both on the ground floor of the Grand Marché and on the second floor, where you get a fabulous view of Place Jean‑Béliveau, microbrewery SNO boasts an equally fabulous selection of tasty, refreshing beers inspired by our rugged Québec winters, including a signature American pale ale. Brewed with local ingredients such as Innomalt malt and Jarrets Noirs hops, SNO beers are a true taste of Québec. Stop in for a drink before a game or concert at the Videotron Centre or just to enjoy a good local beer.

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    Cerisaie La Belle des bois

    La Belle des bois is a cherry farm with a few tricks up its sleeve, like their spiked preserves, made by macerating cherries in liquor under the sun. Amateur mixologists, if you’re looking for a cocktail condiment to wow your guests, this is it. Or, for a gourmet hot dog, pick up a jar of their delicious sauerkraut.

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    Accommodation Chalou

    Chalou is a true beer lover’s paradise, no matter the style. With an inventory of over 10,000 cases from around the province, Chalou runs the full gamut, from the smallest brewers to the biggest Québec brands, with all beers in between. Tell them what you’re looking for—they’ll have just the thing.

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    La ferme Québec-Oies

    Les produits de La ferme Québec-Oies sont de purs plaisirs gustatifs. Entreprise spécialisée dans le foie gras d’oie, toutes les étapes de production sont réalisées à la ferme où les oiseaux gambadent librement dans les champs verdoyants de St-Tite-des-Caps. Des produits fins, gourmands et incroyablement savoureux qui plairont aux plus raffinés des palais. 

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    Cidrerie et Vergers Pedneault

    Récompensée de nombreuses fois pour la qualité de leur produit, la Cidrerie et Vergers Pedneault de l’Isle-aux-Coudres élabore ses produits à partir de pommiers et d’arbres fruitiers plantés il y a plus de 100 ans. La richesse de la nature avoisinante, notamment l’air salin du fleuve Saint-Laurent, confère aux fruits des caractéristiques uniques au profil de saveurs les plus gourmandes.

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    Beignes d'Antan

    Plus besoin de faire le détour jusqu’à Sainte-Geneviève-de-Berthier pour se procurer les fameux beignes aux patates de Délices d’antan. Et quel délice! Qu’ils soient natures, enroulés dans le sucre et la cannelle ou trempés dans le sirop d’érable, ces petits anneaux gourmands sont élaborés selon un savoir-faire traditionnel familial à partir de farine non blanchie et de vraies patates de la région de Lanaudière.

Faire livrer ses courses du Grand Marché

Vous préférez faire vos courses en ligne et vous faire livrer vos produits locaux? Le service Mon Quartier en boîte offre cette possibilité en zone urbaine!

Getting to the Market

Make your way to the market by car, bike, bus, or free shuttle! If you’re in Old Québec, there’s a shuttle leaving every hour (8 departures daily) from June 14 to October 14. If you’re in a car, you get free parking in the ExpoCité P4 lot for two hours.

Enjoy the market!

Le Grand Marché  
250, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, édifice F
Québec, QC G1L 5A7


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